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Vintage Gibson electric ID

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Can you help me ID this Gibson electric guitar?

Model # 72981 in Gibson brand case.  My father bought it used in the early '70s, and I don't know anything about it.

I'd love to find out the year and model, and if it's a valuable guitar.  I understand that this isn't an appraisal forum; I'm just curious if this guitar is special.




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hi! sorry for the delay, this part of these forums can be a little quiet. 

You appear to have a modified ES-140T 3/4, a student-level guitar for smaller hand, produced in the late 50s. It would originally only have one pickup near the neck.  They are a little bit collectible because of their small size- ive seen a few female singers play them and prefer them. It looks great but given the heavy modifications as-is probably not worth a ton. the range according to Reverb sits around $1500-2200, so i'd estimate this an 1000-1500 guitar on a good day. 

hope that helps!

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