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Replacement tuners for epiphone les paul junior


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Hello! I'd really like to upgrade the tuners on my epiphone les paul junior. It's the 2012 junior with the single humbucker in the bridge. The stamped tuners that are there now are pretty bad and I'd like to find something that won't leave any of the holes from the existing tuners exposed. Has anyone dealt with these stamped tuners? I don't mind reaming or drilling new holes but again, it would be nice to cover the existing ones. Ty for reading.


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The typical type would be the Kluson style used by Gibson Like these Epiphone Deluxe tuners, There are several brand built like this like Kluson, Wilkinson, Grover, ect. Some use threaded bushings requiring a larger post hole and some use press in bushings which may be closer in size to your stock post hole. But most will require a different screw hole pattern, which you may want to plug the old holes with something like round toothpicks.

These use turning ratios from 18-1 (finer) to 14-1 (faster).

The Kluson style tuners below have stamped casings using pressed in bushings, but there are also cast versions of these like Grover 135's that use threaded bushings that require larger post holes.


Also there is the Grover Rotomatic style below which also uses a different hole pattern and larger post holes for threaded bushings. These are cast so the will weigh More.



Basically since you are technically starting over with new holes, you can use any good brand of tuners a set ranging from about 35 to 80 USD.

In addition a lot of guitarists like to use locking tuners.

There is nothing like a good set of tuners to make your guitar easier to tune.

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I guess i have no choice but to deal with the holes. Not a big deal. Ty for the toothpick idea! I have decided to (modernize) the guitar. I've ordered an interesting looking Wilkinson wrap around bridge. I will black out all of the hard wear and perhaps paint too. I will stay away from Kluson type tuners for a more modern look. TY and anymore suggestions are appreciated.

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