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Gert Jan

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Good question about a very nice guitar.

Unfortunately Gibson don't generally give out production totals - your question has been asked before many times about many different Gibson models.

The ES-775 was produced for 3 years.  I'd  guess production totals to be well below 1000; 300 to 500?

I've seen pics of them in sunburst, natural blonde and (dark) red.  I'd like one!



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Hi Gert Jan, 

The estimate of jdgm seems correct, I enquired with Gibson, because mine is a custom order built version, in either 1994 or 1997, one of two if the story is right.  If you ever lay hands on one of these, it will be the most expensive 2 seconds of your life: sold. The tone is mellower, a little darker than the wonderful tone of an ES 175. Howe-ver (no pun intended) Howe (Steve Howe, Yes), or Ted Nugent sound completely different than Jim  Hall in Berlin or any which jazz guitarist that ever played one. Personally I have never met another ES-775, but back in 1992 I made a mental note to own one, on a certain day, and that happened. Playability is superb, but as a custom version, the built is not as immaculate as -let's say- a 2022 ES-335 CS: those are more refined, flawless. My 775 bears the traces of being a hand built, and by that, makes her even more attractive. The Nachtwacht has not been painted by a machine either. If you want to know more, please respond to this mail. 

Take care, GJ (indeed, I go by the abbreviation of a name, similar to yours, during the last 40 years or so 🙂

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I had one of those.   Same as a 175. But with a  different inlay, headstock treatment, Gold hardware with a L5 style tailpiece. , ebony fingerboard.     Mine was a Burst finish. 

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