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Bridge pins for J-45?


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On 11/14/2021 at 9:30 PM, egoidealmusic said:

Tim Tim do you think slotting the bridge has improved the tone?  I've been a heretic for many years on many things, so if it gets the sounds I want I don't mind being one again!

Good question.  Hard to know because I switched to solid antique acoustic pins at the same time.  The string ball ends do make better contact with the bridge plate this way.  I do know, for certain, long term, a slotted bridge with solid pins is more structurally solid and more protective against bridge plate wear over time.  That, plus I’ll take any possible sonic benefit possible, how big or little.  I slot every guitar I get, if it isn’t already.  Much superior setup, IMO and that of just about every vintage guitar expert out there.  2 cents!

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