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P90 ID help needed. (ES 135)

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Hi all. I have a 2001 Gibson ES 135. I know this model shipped with P100s however, the previous owner switched them out. I’m trying to ID these P90s. 

the only markings underneath are blue and red dot stickers to denote bridge and neck respectively. The wiring is metal braided. The bottom of the pickup has no other markings. One distinguishing feature is that they are screwed together with a hex/Allen screw as opposed to a Phillips head screw. There is also no hole fir the wire to go through, there’s just a section cut out on the edge of the plate. There’s ribbon around the bobbin abs they do not appear to be wax potted (unless the ribbon tape was put on afterwards.).61E6747D-E013-4FCA-B203-15007ADEFC25.thumb.jpeg.a50b631132582b4b70b30f8644d99015.jpeg1FC0BEF5-837E-477E-A5D3-0719768108FA.thumb.jpeg.c8819660910c9d93f3b0341536ed4180.jpeg1FC0BEF5-837E-477E-A5D3-0719768108FA.thumb.jpeg.c8819660910c9d93f3b0341536ed4180.jpeg 


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