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Need help


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I'm considering driving 20 hrs return to have a look at this '47 J-45.

The link below provides a series of pics and I would really appreciate

any comments based on your review, positive and critical.

Thanks much




Postscript:Spoke with Mark at Folkways Music and he was good enought to email and inform me that

the finish had been redone, poorly to boot, and the value was likely under $2K. Funny the seller claimed to

have owned it since '52 and was adamant it was original. Gotta be careful out there kids. For reference, the geet

is listed in Kijiji, Thunder Bay, Ontario.


Thanks you Mark for the heads up!!!!

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Looks like a beauty!


I was at Willies American Guitars in St. Paul, MN over lunch today and walked into their Vintage acoustic room and got to play a few cool Gibson's. One was a 64 Gibson J-45 that really sounded sweet. At close to $3,000 though, I was looking more at the LG1's they had! LOL!!! The 53 LG1 I played was an awesome blues box!


I played almost ever Gibson they have listed at this link: Willies American Guitars - Gibson Acoustics


Click around their site for a bit. For such a small store, man do they have some pretty cool Vintage guitars in there. (Amps to for the electric guys & gals)

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