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Epiphone Les Paul elitist max string gauge


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I own an Epi Elitist Les Paul with a second hand original Gibson neck ( crash cause accident) and Italian hand wired PAF replica pickup by I-SPIRA

I have always used a 10-46 string Gibson vintage reissue, Ernie Ball, Elixir,DR STRING pure blues.

If I should want use a bigger gauge , it would be a good idea or not?

What is the max gauge without damage neck?

I look to DR STRING 11-50 pure blues; Pyramid pure nickel same gauge or 12-52; Thomastik BB111 11-47 o 12-50.

Your thoughts about ?

Thanks and bye

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Providing the work was done by a fully competent person, and done correctly. There should be no limit to which electric guitar strings you use.

This is of course purely based on the information you have given, I have no idea how strong the joints are.  It will also probably need a set up to allow for a new gauge strings.

That must have been some crash to require a full new neck but the body was OK, and also luck that there was a Gibson lp available which had suffered irreparable body damage but its neck was OK.

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