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Gibson Legend 37 vs True Vintage 32 necks


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I have a 37 Legend reissue and was wondering what the difference is between these two for any Gibson experts out there. The neck on my Legend is huge and a definite V shape. Wondering about the neck on the 32?

Also interesting, I found the paper decal burried behind the certificate and it's orange and states that it is #1 of 30 made. I thought they made quite a few more of these? weird

Not a collector at all and I love the sound. I guess I'm wondering if I should trade it for a more comfortable neck but similar guitar.

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I believe there have been several runs of the L-00 Legend over the years.

Mine has a 2010 serial number ink-stamped on the neckblock. It did not come with a paper label, but I did not get the guitar brand-new, so it may have been lost. The bill of sale said it was built in 2007, but the serial number says 2010. I think I bought it in 2012.

The price was reasonable because the seller thought the surface of the guitar had polishing scratches. It was actually just the VOS finish that Gibson used on that particular guitar.

The certificate says "The 1937 L-00 Legend Model", and says nothing about the number in the run.  The certificate was printed on both sides of a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 paper, and it was in a black  envelope with a glassine face, so you could read the cert without removing it from the envelope.

The back of the certificate has the detailed scaled drawings by Ren Ferguson of Lee Roy Parnell's 1937 L-00, which was the guitar used as the archetype when creating the L-00 Legend.

The deep-V neck of the Legend was the typical Gibson neck in at least part of the 1930's.

I don't know any of the details of the '32 model, unfortunately.

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Somebody on this forum owns or at least has owned a '32 L-00 RI.  So hopefully they will chime in.  As far as I know the '37 Legend has been Bozeman's only attempt at a spot on copy of a  1930s L guitar so what neck carve as well as nut width, string spacing at the bridge and such is on the '32 version I do not have a clue.  I own a  '32 L1 so have ever felt the need to look at modern versions. 

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