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How do you delete your Attachments (photo's) on this web site?


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13 minutes ago, Boyd said:

Seems like we discussed this before and concluded it wasn't possible. Or maybe it was that you could delete them, but it didn't free up any space to post new ones?

That seems to have been the conclusion. A forum moderator may've even chimed in and said that it was unlikely to be able to remove the photos that are uploaded to the site. 

OP Gasman- if you were looking to remove photos because you got a message saying that you've exceeded your upload limit, it's fairly straightforward to use a photo hosting site like imgur and click on the "Direct Link" button from the gallery of pics you've uploaded. Then, the photo can be directly embedded into your post here, no limit.

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There is no easy way to do it, but you can do it. Click on your own profile, then click on 'my attachments'. It will display a list (with thumbnail) of the images you have uploaded, and what thread you uploaded them to. if you really want them gone, click on the thread where each one resides, then edit your post (backspace over the pic takes it out) and save it.

Not a simple fix I know, but it's possible.

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Just tried that, but the forum software doesn't allow me to edit an old post (which makes sense because that's a trick spammers use). It is possible to completely delete the whole post however.  Probably different for you, since you're a moderator.

But, IIRC, deleting an attachment does not free up the storage space it originally took and your quota is not changed.

Edited by Boyd
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