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ABR Bridge with Bushings?


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I have come to acquire a Gary Clark Jr Casino (with Bigsby) from a friend of mine due to tuning issues. He was the original owner so I think all the parts on the guitar are from the factory, but you never know. The bridge moves with the tension when bending or using the Bigsby, and it appears the main culprit is bridge posts. I removed the strings and the posts are the correct thread but are loose inside the bushings inserted into the guitar. From what I've been able to research, it appears that the ABR bridge that is suppose to be on the guitar don't use bushings, but the Nashville bridges do. Is it possible that they threw the bushings from the Nashville bridge on the guitar and the posts are different sizes, or just that the posts/bushings have worn away through use? I really want to get this guitar to a reliable state, whether it's replacing posts or the entire bridge, I'm just not sure how to proceed.

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It looks like a Gibson style bridge without slotted bridge posts and smaller inserts. I would bet is a metric Asian built bridge meaning you need to be careful with the thread type (US standard or Metric) and post spacing (usually 73.5mm post spacing), in addition I think I would recommend a Roller Bridge, because when you have a tremolo you will always get some movement on the bridge, specially with normal saddles.

Being a high end Epiphone Qingdao Factory signature model, I would possibly look at a Graph Tech or TonePros..


I alway use a Roller Bridge with a Tremolo.


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Thanks for responding mihcman!

After taking the strings back off, I noticed the bridge was marked with a B-2 and NOT Gibson. I also took a tap and dye set and both the screws and posts are M4x0.7, but the tolerance is just way too loose. The hole in the bridge where the post slots in is also too large and wiggles there too. With this info, I search and found the same issue with a post already on this site about an Epiphone. I may take the advice and try to locate a set of washers to lock the bridge posts to the body, but will ultimately probably replace the entire bridge. I am usually a Tone Pros guy, but I'll look into Graph Tech too. I've also seen the rolling bridge on Stew Mac's site, though having  worked on a guitar with a similar (or same) bridge I'm not sure it'll be my go-to choice. Thank you all!


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