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Awesome Deal... or is it..... PT 2 THE FINAL OUTCOME


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in our last episode....


A while ago I mentioned that i was shopping for a Joan Jett Melody Maker. I notice that a certain company we all know & love has a price match policy... and 10% difference.


I call em on it. I go down in person to make this happen. HOURLY CLERK #1 puts in the order


2 weeks go by, No guitar. I head on down to BIGSTORE, and state my case to MGR #1.


MGR #1 is calm & cool, and places a call direct to Gibson and they get it straight. Then I'm told guitar will be in Austin in 3 business days. MGR #1 Also allocates $70.00 back to my card in good faith as to make sure I remain with them.


3 business days go by... Fed Ex had the wrong zip code, but luckily it is in my town. MGR #1 puts in a call to Fed Ex stating that I have paid for the item, and to release it to me.


incidently.... while I am on the phone with MGR #1 I get another call... I can't switch... so it goes to voicemail.


on my drive to the Fed Ex shipping yard. I check the voicemail... it was HOURLYCLERK #1. his message goes like this


"Hi this is --------- at BIGSTORE. I just called Gibson to check on the status of your order for the Joan Jett Melody Maker, and it turns out that its on backorder. They won't be able to get one to our stores until May 22nd. Now you're welcome to come down to cancel the order and get a refund, or you can wait it out. We may be able to get one in sooner. Call me back at"


so.... i think... if it was on backorder... why does it say on BIGSTORES website... IN STOCK?!?!


I laugh at this jack o**. I humored him and returned his call.


"Hey man..." I say "I'm actually on my way to pick up the Melody Maker from the Fed Ex office. Shipping errors happen. But dude. don't lie to people. Its debateable whether you ever ordered the guitar in the first place, and further, when it didn't arrive within the 2 weeks you said, I went to your shop and spoke to your supervisor who in turn, ordered the guitar right in front of me. Dude... mistakes happen, but don't fricken lie about it."


it true BIGSTORE fashion HOURLYCLERK #1 stammers... "well I guess the manager has more pull at Gibson." It felt great to hang up on this punk ***.


I drive down to Fed Ex and the good people at Fed Ex hand me the guitar in a big beautiful Gibson USA box.


I then drive to BIGSTORE and they make sure all is well blah blah. I see HOURLY CLERK #1 and he avoids me. Smart move dickweed. However the other HOURLYCLERKS circle around and want to see the guitar. No Dice folks. order your own Goddamn instrument.


Anyways, the important thing is at the end of the day, I have the guitar. I got it for cheap... and she sounds ****in' amazing. I highly reccomend anyone considering one to take the plunge. and get one 2nd hand, you go!!


did I have to take their crap? Yes. Was it worth it? Time will tell.... Meanwhile, no one should have to endure the BS that is BIGSTORE. However these dudes are only a reflection of the strings that govern their movements, sales pitches and whatnot.


Bottom line...


I have a Joan Jett Melody Maker & gibson Hard shell case candy & hangtags for $559.


I'll post pics after the honeymoon

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