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Hi; I just bought an Epi Les Paul Custom Koa, beautiful guitar...But it doesn't present with the splitted humbuckers and the splitted pots.
My guitar got 2 normal humbs and 2 normal pots; it's was made in april 2021 and maybe the 2021 m.y.  doesn't present that configuration?
Thanks in advance for Yours answers.
Giorgio, Bologna _Italy_

img   https://ibb.co/wW4Hc3N

img   https://ibb.co/ZfWVNKF

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Hi, It looks like you got a custom KOA, not the custom PRO KOA which is the model that comes with coil splitting.

As far as I know the standard custom you have will come with CTS pots and is the only version available currently. The pro version has been discontinued and had the old headstock. 

The dealer you bought from could have had the wrong product info up.

Either way it's a beautiful guitar.

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Oh damn, now I understand, thanks a lot....

The truth is that, maybe, in Italy none knows the difference between Custom and Custom Pro... ok, for me doesn't matter too much, anyway it's a beautiful guitar and it's sounds good....

Thank you, Matt....

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