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74 Gibson SG - missing tremolo

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So, I'm buying a '74 SG from a guy this weekend, going by the s/n, 174508, and the "Made in USA" stamp on the headstock it should actually be a '70 I believe? (Feel free to confirm on that one.) The deal is just about done and I'm after it for sure. I just need to hit up a bank, and seeing the nearest branch of my bank is 20 miles away and my car is wrecked, I'll be waiting til the weekend.


It appears to have have a Bigsby and I'm looking to find a stock or modern recreation of to match-up for it. It has that harmonica looking bridge on it still and some half-assed wannabe tailpiece on it. Basically, could someone confirm what kind of tremolo these SG's had and what direction to look for one of the parts? I know it's a lot to ask with a first post, etc, etc, but I could really use the help.


Thanks a ton in advance.


(PS - Think the user name is a good name for an 80's cover band bass player? Been trying to come up with something and figured I'd roll with it. =D>)

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So, update: I bought it Friday night. I can't stop playing the thing!


I checked the pot codes in it. I checked yesterday, I think they were CTS made. I know they were made in '74. But I'm still confused by the Made in USA stamp. I thought that was only 1970? The serial doesn't help-it matches both years.


Pics! (Assistance please!)







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