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Seen Robert Cray live tonight

Guitar God

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So, I went to see blues guitarist Robert Cray with my Dad tonight. Been waiting on this show for a few months and it was already rescheduled once. It was such a great show and Robert Cray sounded fantastic.  Sadly, he didn't do a meet and greet, but he did have autographed copies of his latest album at the merch booth that he signed before doors opened. My Dad and I got one each and we each got a shirt, too. Not only a great concert, but a great time with my Dad, too.

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12 hours ago, merciful-evans said:

Hi GG, you dont have much luck with pics. If you use the direct option on the imgur links it would work. The pics below were found by removing your [img][/img] brackets.

Glad you and Dad enjoyed the show.





Thanks, but, man, I have no idea why it's acting like that with me.  Tried the way you described and it just posts the links. I always click the "copy" for the URL for message boards and forums. Used to not have that problem here and it seems like the only forum so far that I do have that issue with. 

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