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Model number for warranty


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I kinda thought the model name was on the tag inside the box.

On a related note....I bought a  brand-new Gibson in 2011....so I filled out the card and sent it in.

I already had a 2003 guitar that was never registered, (had all the docs still in the case), that I had bought from GC 3-4 years before.

I asked Gibson if I could fill out the warranty card, not for warranty, but to document the guitar to me.

They said that would be fine....so I have 2 of my Bozeman guitars registered to me...and my other Bozeman guitar is registered to Leslie, (who is a member of this forum).

I never bothered with the Kalamazoo guitars, even though my original Dove was purchased nearly new from Music Unlimited in San Leandro.


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9 minutes ago, Whitefang said:

Welcome to the boards RUSS.  And I'd consider RBSinto's advice.



Usually when I give advice like this, I'm admonished for not spoonfeeding the poster, so I'm surprised and frankly delighted that someone else here agrees with me.

And as an aside, the "T" in "RBSinTo" is capitalized, as "To" is short for "Toronto".


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In addition to the warranty card there should be another sheet as Dave F mentioned that shows the model number.  It is longer than the serial number and is coded.  Often we have a hard time figuring out everything it describes but if you can figure out the code it will tell what model the guitar is, the color, the hardware finish and more.  i.e. the last new Gibson I bought was a limited run of Hummingbirds with quilted maple bodies and a Viper blue finish.  The Mode number is SSHQVBPSL0405.  Not sure what all that means, but you get the idea.  Sweetwater Special run, Hummingbird, Quilt, Viper Blue and I have no idea what the PSL0405 means.  The model number will be the same for all the guitars they made in that finish/hardware/ etc.  The serial number is unique to your guitar alone.

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As far as brand new Gibson SG Standards, here are some current model numbers for 2021, lifted from Sweetwater:

Gibson SG Standard - Heritage Cherry -SGSTHCCH

Gibson SG Standard Ebony - SGSTEBCH

Gibson SG Standard '61 - Vintage Cherry - SG61VENH

Gibson SG Standard '61 Maestro Vibrola - Vintage Cherry -  SG61VVENH

Gibson SG Standard '61 Sideways Vibrola - Vintage Cherry - SG61WVENH

Gibson SG Standard Tribute - Vintage Cherry Satin - SGTRAYNH

Gibson SG Standard Tribute - Natural Walnut -  SGTR5NNH





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