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Cavemen Vs. Astronauts


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Who says education is overrated - Bohr vs. Einstein huh? Let's see the father of Theoretical Physics Vs. the Architect of the modern atom. I wonder if they could even have a fight by the time they had mapped out all the rules and discussed the long term impact of the cause vs. effect of what they might do to the continuum neither would have remembered why they were mad in the first place. And later after his work on the bomb Bohr was such a pacifist and working towards peaceful use of atomic energy I can't imagine him in a fight.


My last foray into school, I had a friend who would play the "who would win in a fight" game with me while staring into microscopes and trying to learn something about anything. So one day he pairs up the two TAs and I didn't recognize their names. (One had a strange Indian name and the other an odd Chinese name).


So, I say, "Ahhh....that is the age-old question, grasshoppah. Who would win in a fight? Crouching Tiger or Hidden Dragon."


Maybe you had to be there, but this nerdy girl still finds that hilarious.....hehe

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You are a funny one' date=' wicked1! I laughed till body fluids escaped me on this one.[/quote']


A proper balance of body fluids is essential for a happy healthy life. Don't let the Wicked 1 steal your much needed fluids. She is a fluid snatcher. :D

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Ok, I have a new point on this argument. For this argument you will need to understand that the cavemen have been transported to modern times. That or we thawed them out and reanimated their dead flesh. This is an important point.


So here goes. The Astronauts win easily and with out a scratch.


That 40 thousand years of evolution not only produced 4 oz. more gray matter it also produced a more advanced immune system. The cavemen would be without 40 thousand years of adaptation. So they would be very susceptible to common place viruses like the cold virus.


So all the astronauts need to do is run from the cavemen. Wait 10 days and go back to a dead group of cavemen.


This tactic was used by the conquistadors when they invaded the Americas. In their case they knowingly used small pox.

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