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Sonja (A Taylor?)


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Ahh thank you gents… HTG…


GG it is and AD17e, and I think it’s fantastic. It’s really playable, as you would expect, visually beautiful, with good electronics. I’ve gigged a half dozen times with it so far, and it is just easy.

It is new-fangled V Braced.

The one thing you have to get used to… your attack. It’s midrange is strong. Where a Great J45 is perfectly balanced, and a Martin rosewood dread has scooped mids, this AD17 has pronounced mids. For the inquiring, the Taylor 327e is in fact really balanced. I played them both quite a bit before deciding to keep the AD17 and send the 327 back.

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Great song and great performance. A record that really changed my life was LL’s ‘The Road To Ensenada’ back in the ‘90s. He’s a class act. Fellow Sunrise user too!

I like the Taylor, sounds just fine to me. I’ve always appreciated them. Fine, well built and very playable guitars. I’ve never owned one as they aren’t quite my thing as a picker, but it’s a pleasure to hear one so well played!

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