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New '21 Kramer "The 84" Factory gouged


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Just received my new Kramer The 84 - Blue Metallic - manufactured in Indonesia in April 2021 (according to the serial number) from Sweetwater earlier this week . Everything was great until I opened the tremolo cavity to install a tremolo stopper from https://fu-tone.com/ and found a horrible surprise!  The flat deck behind the Floyd Rose metal block - which should be FLAT - was drilled, gouged, whatever, I'm not sure. I've owned over 20 guitars with factory Floyd Rose installed systems (from Jackson, Charvel - and many others) and have NEVER seen that deck in the tremolo cavity absolutely MUTILATED like this (see pic). There is no way to mount a trem stopper or several other upgrades that Floyd Rose players commonly install - because that deck - which should be FLAT - has been DECIMATED! It just struck me as a very asinine thing to do to an otherwise great guitar. It really diminishes from the mass and structure of the body that should be providing sustain and TONE.

I'll have to fabricate and fit a wedge to bring a strip of the center deck back up level with where it was gouged out to create (complete) a platform to mount upgrades.

Do all the "84's" come with a mutilated tremolo cavity like mine?




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Well, it's painted over, so it's probably on purpose and not a last minute fix during assembly of the hardware to make things fit.

It looks like six "gouges".

As in six strings.

It's possible they just left as much wood in there as they could that would still allow the trem to travel buy making sure those six areas of travel wouldn't make contact with the wood.

Maybe someone could post pictures of the cavity of their '21 Kramer "The 84" to see if it's similar. 


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I'd point out that if the trem is floating and can be pulled up sharp, some wood removed to allow the trem block to move in that direction might be reasonable.  I've actually had to do this on other Super Strats manufactured before big blocks and 2 step pull ups were common.

But that does seem extreme and ill-advised. Like a rout on the a Ibby Jem but more poorly executed and upside down. 🤔

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