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Parlour Me. NRD.


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I've been feeling increasingly embarrassed at my lifelong neglect in learning even the most rudimentary fingerpicking skills, so I needed an affordable 'toy' to use in my YT video lesson escapades.  I've cheated and faked my way through songs I like, but...  I decided I can't gamble on the 60's Martin 0-16NY on Reverb, so here's where I went.  Looks fun.  Doubles as a lap slide w/nut extension.


Starting with Tommy Emmanuel and Justin Johnson.  I forget who BK recommends, but when he chimes in I'll go there too.

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A parlour sized resonator. Looks pretty too.

I was a little concerned that the string spread on that might be a bit tight, but looking at the specs its 1 13/16" (46mm) at the nut so it should be fine for fingerpicking. The demonstrator must have hands like shovels.

I began with learning simple repeated pick. Once it was learned & easy, it was a smaller step to changing the pick pattern on the fly. 

Good luck with your choice.

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