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Hi all,  I'm from the USA , New York. I used to play as a young teenager 50 years ago but life got in the way so I put my music an the way side. I have a couple of vintage guitars, a early 60's Jag in excellent condition and an early 60's  ES-125 in  excellent condition. I also have a Titan 3 amp in excellent condition.  I lost my mind to a 2021 Les Paul 60's Standard Bourbon Burst and took ownership yesterday. Please understand I'm not bragging just sharing my gear. So I have plenty of gear, just no skills! I remember some stuff but have a long way to go. Any suggestion how to re learn this amazing instrument? Thank you in advance and be safe!

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Hi Jim and welcome

Like the sound of that ES-125 - my vintage!! 

These days there is so much on youtube that learning is potentially a lot quicker than in the old days.   And enjoyable.  I use a computer auto-accompaniment program (Band In A Box) for practice which is an incredible resource, and the sort of thing we could only dream about back then.

E.G. If I just search for 'guitar chord shapes' -  this is with Google -


IMO re-learn primarily via songs and the 12-bar blues sequence and variations.


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