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I got in touch with the DF and had to let her go again.


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Today i went to the Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany. There she was, this beautiful guitar. It was a pleasure to play her and the sound was even better than what i expected. The tuning function worked very good.

The issues with the RIP ( static anomalies, see the buglist) are not fixed yet.


It seems like the Gibson staff has only basic knowledge about the DF, though they were very friendly and helpfull.

The printed cards, which MCK delivered were very helpfull for me, thank you very much , for providing them.


The Guy from Native Instruments, who has made the GR3-presets for the DF was there and demonstrated her and GR3 on stage.


There should have been a demo from Chris Adams at 15:00, but he wasn't there. I saw him a few hours before, when he stored his DF and an Epiphone Acoustic with the Tronical-system behind the stage, but i had no chance to talk to him. I thought, i could ask some questions after his demo. He must have known that, so he didn't come. ;-)


I asked the Gibson sales representive about the delivery of the DF in Europe and i got the same answer as usual. Nobody knows, when the DF will be delivered. He said, there are several issues with soft- and! hardware. Delivery will be stopped until all issues will be fixed.

The service for the DF will be made in Europe, in the Netherlands, if i got him right.


To make a conclusion, i left the fair with a loughing and crying eye. Now i realy know, that the DF is the right guitar for me, but i know too, that i will have to wait a few months to hold her again, at least two or three months. So i hope, she will be delivered in 2009.

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Hey there. I probably talked to someone else and told him, how frustrated we all are, here in the forum, that we know NOTHING. And he told me, that with Luck, we could expect delivery sometime around May. The problem was, that every single guitar had to be fixed, after they found the problem. Also, that the models they had here were new Prototypes, hand-soldered etc.


At least a little bit of info. I've been waiting since January. Well, we'll see. Maybe July, as mentioned in another post, really is a realistic date...

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I am in the US and am still waiting for my Darkfire. I am doing this patiently as if I do get one, I want it delivered in perfect physical and functioning condition with all the features working correctly. Otherwise I would not want to own a promise of something that does not exist or work as advertised. If Gibson can't get it to work, I'd rather have my money back for something else. Until they do this, I'll leave it with Gibson as a bet they will get it right and deliver.


I have one of the original Robot Guitars. It was delivered with some blemishes in the finish, tuners which did not work correctly, and a nut without any grooves to hold the strings. Gibson fixed the nut, partially fixed the tuners, and did nothing about the finish. I sent in a very low serial number guitar for repair. I was sent back a serial number from the end of the run. The finish was bad on that one too. When I asked for my original guitar back, I was told it was destroyed and could not be returned. It took a registered letter to the company President to set that straight. I don't know what he did, but I had my original guitar back within days by overnight Fedex.


Don't get me wrong, I love the Robot I have and play it every day. When I saw the Darkfire with the bound body, Plek'd neck, faster better tuners, and ability to manipulate its sound, I ordered one immediately. However, after my experience with the Robot, I want one delivered as promised, or not at all.


So I am waiting patiently and leaving Gibson alone to fix the problem.

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