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Looking for J200 Bridge pins


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I recently lost a bridge pin from my 1991 J200 Jr, they use the same pins as a regular J200

Anyone know where I can find a replacement?

I'm willing to pay decent money for one because I can't find any replicas or replacements anywhere, thanks.

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While I do not have a clue about newer J200s the old ones used fairly thin pins.  I was trying to snag unslotted pins for my wife's 1960 J200 (due to wear on the bridge plate) and while I have a ton of old pins laying around every stinking one was too fat.  I guess I could have gone the electric drill and sandpaper route but it seemed a whole lot easier just to find some which fit.  

I ended up contacting Colosi.  In my case he did not know offhand what size pin would work for the guitar so I did end up having to measure them.   

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Henry1:  My  200s have pins with smaller size tops than most pins seen on the market for sale by themselves.   Is that what you are talking about here?   If so, as everyone has said, Colosi can do a set for you.

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