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Hello folks,

New member to your forum, I am posting some photos of my J-50. It’s a bit of a mystery. Gibson customer service says it’s possibly a special order. It’s an odd one though, rosewood back instead of mahogany. It’s either a 73,74,75 model year Norlin era. Gibson said to contact Carter vintage for a proper appraisal. Guitar has great tone,  Guitar has been played heavily and has had many repairs over the years, Broken head stock, neck re set, re fret, top crack repair, new bone nut and saddle, new bridge and bridge plate, L.R. Baggs added. It is amazingly solid and ready for many more years of play. I paid 750.00 for it. Take a look at photos and tell me what you folks think. Thanks!










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2 hours ago, Twang Gang said:

As long as the repairs hold up and it is comfortable for you to play I'd say you did well on that deal.  The repairs alone and the Baggs pickup, bone saddle and nut would add up to about what you paid for it for so enjoy it.  

Thanks for the reply,

the headstock and top crack repairs were done many years ago. The guitarist I bought it from had the re fret done in San Francisco last year along with neck re set and nut and saddle repairs. Once I played it, I couldn’t not buy it, super comfortable guitar to play with nice tone and volume. hopefully it stays stable, 

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