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ES335 built in October 2021 - type of wiring?


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Could not find any information how the new ES335 modell is wired up, Gibson´s description just says "hand-wired with 500K potentiometers and orange drop capacitors".  Is it "modern", "50s" or "60s" type wiring? My new ES335 shows a quite strong interaction between tone and volume control - it´s getting quieter when tone control is rolled of (and of course the tone is getting more mellow) which could be an indicator for 50s wiring? No idea, maybe there is an expert in the forum who can give me more information.

It´s just for curiosity, it works fine for me and sounds good as it is.

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No, did not get any reply or information. I did not ask Gibson directly up to now. 

Anyhow - my new ES335 is a very good guitar and I like it. I´m just curious how things work. 



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