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The Bigsby B7 is the proper Bigsby but there is no Vibramate kit available. You will need to drill some small holes.

The Bigsby B5 & Vibramate will also work great. Should you ever wish it is Completely reversible without drilling any holes.. 

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Bigsby B3 for thin body guitar with Vibramate kit and a Towner bar for string tension. I have it on both my 339's and they work perfectly. Schaller also has a roller bridge with adjustable string spacing that is a dream compared to ABR bridge.

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I have several Guitars with the Duesenberg Les Trem II installed, they work great and I usually install a Roller Bridge with them. My 339 Below.


My 339 Upgrade.


One of the beauties of the Les Trem II is that it doesn’t damage your guitar, you can easily remove them. I have more guitars than Trems and I  tend to keep the ones I play most often equipped with Duesenbergs.


I love my 339.

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