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Studio monitors vs Studio headphones vs keyboard amp


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Well, I've kind of got a question here. I recently picked up a Line6 POD Studio which basically has modelling and recording software. The only problem is, I can't find a tone I like. Now I've tried getting a tone two different ways: through a cheap pair of CyberAcoustic headphones and through a Behringer KX1200 keyboard amp. From what I've read, keyboard amps are supposed to recreate sounds very well at high volumes. Well, I tried using the headphones to make some tones (I'm looking for high-gain modern sounds (metalcore/mathcore)), but when I put them through the keyboard amp, they were muddy and WAAY too bassey. But when I try it the other way around, through the headphones the stuff sounds REALLLLLY high/reedy/like total CRAP.


Sooo, my question is which of these will re-create the sound the best (like what I would want it to sound like through loudspeakers all the way down to iPod headphones): a nice pair of Studio Monitors, nice Studio Headphones, or my keyboard amp? (If I had to take a guess, I'd guess monitors)

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