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Can anyone out there give me any detailed info on this tenor banjo. When I bought it I was told it was made sometime during the late 20's or early 30's. I bought it to plunk around on after realizing my right hand was never going to play Scuggs-like on a 5-string a friend had given me. The tenor (versus plectrum) was recommended to me by the great jazz guitarist Bucky Pizzarelli, and who's gonna argue with a legend like Bucky. Having an affinity for Gibson instruments, I was able to pick this one at a fairly reasonable price, and have had a lot of fun learning to play it.



Printed logo, not an inlay





Grover "PAT" Tuning machines



Single Coordinator rod and inside label



Guts and serial number. Serial number appears in three places, die stamped on inside of tone ring, chalk written and hand painted on inside of resonator.



Anybody got any info on this one?

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Thanks for the info and the links, which would make it a '32 TB-1. It's in great condition for it's age and has a loud booming sound, and wonderful biting tone. For being a guitar player looking for a banjo to strum around on, I think I got pretty lucky to find this one.


Other than strumming around on it at home, I used this instrument on one recording session (and perform the same song on it in concert). It's a version of Loudon Wainwright III's "Dead Skunk".


Here's a link to a mp3 from a guitarist website I write for. Scroll down this page and you'll find the mp3 player, and click on "Dead Skunk". There's also a 5-string finger pickin' banjo track on this tune, but that's not me or the TB-1. The strummin' rhythm track is the '32 TB-1 in front of a Shure SM-81 condensor mic. In fact, all the tracks were mic'd acoustic instuments.



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great playing and sounded fun, I really respect guitar players that play banjo also. I can hold my own with a mandolin but skill just isn't there for Banjo. when I need one for recording I cheated and picked up a six string guitar tuned banjo so I didn't need to learn any other chording or notes:-s


edit - great looking instrument which is what I meant to say first wish I could look that good at that age.

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