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Long time SG and LP fan.

My Gibby journey started on a Hondo copy of a Les Paul  ( because, well,  Ace Frehley and Kiss! 😆) It quickly moved to a Melody Maker SG with a craptastic vibrato unit. Since then, it's been an irregular journey thru LPs and SGs (and one dreadful Goth Explorer) Currently have my Custom Shop LP Firetiger Axcess that's been with me since 2010(?) and a new-to-me 24 fret SG coming in the next few days. 😄

My current mission is to find a 50th Anniversary SG Diablo with Floyd Rose. I had one in 2012 and foolishly sold it years later when the cover band stopped gigging. I upgraded mine with a real deal black OFR and nut, black knurled dome knobs and black Grover tuners. It was so sweet! I saw it come available online a year or so ago   but the asking price was almost $2000 over what I sold it for. When I finally worked up the nerve to drop that amount, it was gone! 🙁



SG Diablo Modded.jpg

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