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Gibson es-330 p90 cover replacement


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Hi all,

I wonder if anyone here could point me in the right direction with a problem I have; I would be eternally relieved and gratefully you could. I have just acquired a 2018 330 In Antique sunburst; it has the black pickup covers rather than nickel. I would like to change them to nickel but I can’t find any that fit - I bought a pair of all parts Gibson fit covers and the spacing is wrong. The pickups on the 2018 are advertised as lower hum or less noise or something. Are they different to other 330 iterations?



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First of all, that is a beautiful Guitar! Well bought!

I have been told Asian & USA P90 Dogear Covers are different.. The Asian are metric & the USA are Standard.

I have new Royal Tan Epiphone USA Casino which has Gibson USA P90’s which comes with Nickel Chrome Dogear Covers. There is also a Sunburst option but it has the Black Plastic Dogear P90 Covers.. The Gibson ES330 is very similar in most Specs… Both have Gibson USA Dogear P90’s….

I also have a MIC Epiphone Ltd Edition 50th Anniv. Reissue 1961 Casino with Tremotone… These also had Gibson USA P90 Ickups with the black plastic Dogear Covers.. I wanted to change them to Nickel Chrome Dogear Covers also..

I believe it was someone here on this Forum who directed me to Allparts & suggested trying Part # PC-0739-001 Nickel P90 Dogear Covers.. I ordered them but haven’t had a chance to have them installed yet due to Covid…

I have measured the Allparts Covers, my USA Casino Covers & my 50th Anniv. Black Covers with my Digital Calipers & they all appear to be the same…

Hope this helps…. 

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First of all, thanks so much for taking the time to reply in detail. One of the pairs of covers I ordered were the # PC-0739-001 s and unfortunately they don’t fit. From what I’ve read the overall spacing is .8 of a mm out and that’s what it felt like when I tried them. I’ll keep looking!

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Not exactly sure what you mean by overall spacing? On my same Part# Allparts Covers the center to center dimension on the Pole piece holes of the Pickup Covers is 9.00 mm or 3/8 inches. Each of the Pole Piece Cover holes measure’s slightly different on my Nickel Dogear Covers on my new USA Casino….

My MIC Casino Dogear P90’s same measurement is 10.45 mm or 13/32”…

Hope it helps….

Unfortunately Gibson doesn’t sell the USA Nickel Dogear Covers to the Public… The have them built in runs as needed from a USA Supplier for their Production Guitars. Sometimes Lindy Fralin & probably other Boutique Builders order some from the same Supplier at the same time…. It’s more cost effective.. Although, they seldom have any in Stock either..

Good luck!

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