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Merry Christmas To All


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And To All A Good Night ! 

Hope everyone here finds tomorrow is a day literally full of Peace & Joy -  a respite from the unique troubles each of us face the other 364 day each year.      Many of us have special memories that we cherish each Christmas, and some sad ones.  But the best memories are going to be the ones you make tomorrow !   And the next day, and the next !  

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As they both have previous obligations for Christmas Day,  Sunday the 26th will be the first Christmas get together with both my daughters in a long, long time.  For years the big family gathering is usually tonight, Christmas Eve.  With a huge Christmas Day brunch the next day(at a sister in law's home). 

You all have a great Christmas too.   My only hope for the new year is that people start coming to their senses.


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Merry Christmas one and all, been hiding out for a while, just gat away from Online drama and all the rest. Needed a mental health break, had covid 18 months ago and it really scrambled some grey matter.  Missed the interaction, but it was hard to gather coherent thoughts, getting better, just a bit slower now. I am sure age has nothing to do with it, (NOT).

Hope this time finds you all healthy and spending time with loved ones. Will attempt to get in a regular basis, if memory allows. 




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