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Gibson lp standard n1 Nashville?

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Hi guys, I have a 1981 les paul standard guitar, the previous owner told me this guitar was special. I researched more information about the guitar and found contradictory information. On one site the serial number of the guitar is product n 501 and on the other site it is number 1 both manufactured in Nashville.

Someone knows correctly  number of guitar prodution 

Serial number  83141501

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38 minutos atrás, Guitar81 disse:

Olá pessoal, tenho uma guitarra les paul standard de 1981, o dono anterior disse-me que esta guitarra era especial. Pesquisei mais informações sobre o violão e encontrei informações contraditórias. Em um site, o número de série da guitarra é o produto nº 501 e, em outro, o número 1, ambos fabricados em Nashville.

Alguém sabe o número correto de produção de guitarra 

Número de série 83141501










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Hi, this seems to be the same 8 digits codification of my 1989 Les Paul Studio Lite.
At that time I found  the codification  on a magazine.

digits 1 and 5 are the manufacturing year

2,3 and 4 are the day of the year

finally the last 3 digits are the progressive manufacturing number

001 to 499 was built in Kalamazoo

500 to 999 was bult in Nashville

Taking your number 

81 = 1981 year of manufacturing

314th day of 1981 = should be November 10th 1981

501 is the firs instrument built in Nashville, I guess it was on that day, not the very first one built in Nashville. my guitars S/N ends in 563 and I can't imagine that they built only 63 instruments in 8 years.




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