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I am very DISAPPOINTED at GIBSON USA GUITARS USA ! I ordered a GIBSON USA FIREBIRD Reverse in tobacco Burst and it was back-ordered from musiciansfriend .com in the beginning of September 2021 and musiciansfriend . com said I would receive it because they have a purchase agreement with GIBSON USA ! Because I noticed that almost every single dealer did not have them on their websites anymore ! Except for a few dealers that had them on their websites to back-order and the GIBSON website had the Gibson USA Firebird to order too at that time on September the 1st ! So I called The 1-800-4-gibson phone number and talked to customer service many times and the GIBSON customer service said that they are producing the GIBSON USA Firebird in low numbers at this time in Cherry color and Tobacco Burst ! As well as musiciansfriend . com sales rep /managers too and they said the purchase agreement between Musiciansfriend and Gibson Guitar that I was for sure would be getting the GIBSON USA 2021 REVERSE FIREBIRD ! I still have that open Back- order for the Gibson USA Firebird at musiciansfrien , com ! Now I am a GIBSON Guitars man and been purchasing GIBSONS since I was 17 years old and now I am over sixty and still buying Gibsons ! I have many GIBSON guitars so many that we will not talk about it ! But the only one I wanted for Christmas was the GIBSON USA Firebird in Tobacco Burst ! I am sure GIBSON have discontinued them and did not fill my back-order for December 17 2921 ! I thought GIBSON GUITAR always took care of their customers ! Even their long term customers ! With this new CEO and upper management I read the customer is first ! Yes I am pissed ! And will never have the faith that I had for GIBSON GUITARS since no notifications to discontinue the USA Firebird and not fill my order ! I do not see why GIBSON USA CAN NOT MAKE ME ONE ! I have to rethink my guitar buying options ! Sincerely Gibson Customer

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