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Emmylou with a Gibson and Albert Lee


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There you go - it is Friday after all.


Believe it or not, my teacher is teaching me this. We have the intro and verse done but it's slow.........very slow. If you imagine this at half speed then it's close.


Reason - to stop me selling the 335 to fund a SJ200. It's working so far - I love it.


P.S. Please note there is a Gibson acoustic reference. I'm off to lunch now - on the firm of course.


Ta ta!

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Country Boy is one of my favorites, I've got an old VHS tape of Albert Lee teaching his licks on Country Boy on his '53 Tele. Even when he slows them down he's going very fast. Neverthless, it's an excellent video if you like Albert Lee. He also shows many of his guitars. I know Albert has put out a number of instructional tapes and am not sure whether this early one is still available. It would be great on DVD so you could slow it down when needed.

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