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Strange Epiphone J-200 IBG


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hi all,

I recently bought another Epiphone J-200 Inspired by Gibson guitar and I am not sure what I received.

From what I know there are two color options for this model (burst and natural), both finished in aged gloss.

However, the guitar that I got looks nothing like either of the two that I know:

1) It's finished in gloss. No dull matte or satin, just your normal gloss.

2) Different tuners - Grovers,

3) Binding is different,

4) No stripe on the neck.

3) Body is taller than normal J-200.

Label inside say Inspired by Gibson, J-200 and serial number indicated it was made in 2021 by Samick in Indonesia.

I took some photos of this strange guitar next to my J-200 in Natural and my friend's J-200 in burst.

Please advise.









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I think that's a Sweetwater special.


Body is laminate maple - not solid woods.

I think they sold a little cheaper than the solid wood IBG J-200's -  $499.00 when the all solid wood IBG J-200's were $799.00.  


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