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Best upgrade for a new Epiphone Casino?


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I'm new to the Casino, and I love the one I just got -- the last one in stores in the L.A. area now. Wow -- people love these! 

Anyway, I love the sound but was wondering if there is an upgrade that would make it even better sonically? I know nothing about the various pickups. 

I use it for recording pop music, mostly rhythm guitar and to add some analog texture to synth-heavy tracks. I love jangly and chime-y. Also I like to do one-note doubling of a vocal track with a sweet fuzzy sound (like the Beatles fuzz). Mixed lower for support, not to overwhelm. 


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Congrats! Which one did you get? They really don’t need anything other than new Strings & a good Setup..

My Sunburst Peerless Casino has a Bigsby which is very cool! It’s like Paul’s & George’s. My Natural Revolution Casino is Lennon Spec & I dig that one a lot! My Sunburst 50th Anniv. Casino has the Tremotone & is also very cool! It’s like Keith’s in the early days…

I have a new Royal Tan USA Casino with Nickel Covers which is a work of Art! Love this Guitar! I bought a Bigsby B-7 for it but it’s such a beautiful Guitar I might leave it as is since I have a Casino with Bigsby already…

You probably guessed by now I’m a Casino fan! I play them more than any of my other Electric Guitars! IMO they’re the most versatile Electric Guitar you can buy….

Epiphone has done a number of different limited run models in the past 10-15 years.. Including the Entry level Asian Guitars which are really good too… Epiphone has done an excellent job on Casinos.  

About the only thing you might want to do on the Entry level Casino’s is a Pickup upgrade to Fralin, Lollars or something similar for a more Gibson USA P90 sound… And add a Bigsby B-7 which look great & are a great Effect. But, even those two are subjective.. 

Enjoy your new Casino!

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when doing a Pickup upgrade , do you have to upgrade the internals ? my local shop tells me to just about gut my guitar and go with new pots , new wiring, new switch and on and on........ question :is all this needed for the pickups to improve the sound of the guitar??

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5 hours ago, Room135 said:

Probably a Bigsby would add a serious look, and make the sound better. The only problem is that I don't use vibrato anymore, and I don't like Bigsby...

? Why? I don’t recommend the cheap ones. But, the B-7’s are excellent on Casino’s.   It’s a great Effect if not over used & I think it improves the Tone & Sustain…. Seems ideal for Jazz.. Good luck..

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No, a b7 in this instance would require a fixing into the top of the guitar, also possibly different holes on the end by the strap pin. A b6/b3 ( I can't remember the exact one?) would be the better one if your unsure. You would likely still have to drill more holes by the strap pin, but the may be covered by the trapeze plate. 

You also don't need the tension roller from the b7, the b6 is a straight swap for the trapeze.

I agree with Lars though a b7 is the best looking bigsby and personally I would put a blank chrome one on that guitar.

Nice guitar by the way. I came close to getting a black one before Xmas.

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I own 4 Casino’s. Including the most recent. A USA Casino which I plan to put a B-7 on…

I have a Sunburst Epi Casino with a Bigsby B-7. I've had it for years.. Wonderful Guitar! I wouldn’t begin to think about reverting it back to the way it was before… For me that is the only proper Bigsby for these Guitars.. Sounds & looks great! Good enough for Paul & George.. It’s good enough for me..

In the case of the worn Guitars they’re inexpensive enough to have 2…

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My Casino made strange steel noises, I order a good quality metric ABR-1 bridge at Philadelphia Luthier Tools and a long version of the trapeze tailpiece to reduce vibrations between the tailpiece and the bridge. The result is incredible, awesome, no more bad vibrations. With the long trapeze tailpiece the feeling is better, The guitar seems more consistent, more precise much more enjoyable to play!

P90 pickups sound good, and wiring / pots do the job. 



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