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Aged Bloomfield 59 - please help!


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Hi admin & guys,


I ordered an aged Bloomfield 59 yesterday, but when I asked the dealer about shipment details today, they told me that the guitar I ordered came with a certificate only but totally no other accessaries, no warranty brochure, no care guide, no custom care kits, no hang tags, etc. They said they would send me a set of accessaries from their regular R9 stock as replacement.


Is there anyone knows what's wrong? Gibson forgot to put things in the case? Or the guitar has some problems???


I believe in what the dealer told me, as I'd dealed with them several times before and they were all good. Since the guitar just came out for 2 days, I think it should be a clean one. If so, I would wonder that if there could be anything irreplaceable. I remember there should be some documents with serial numbers in regular R9. Or maybe the aged bloomfield 59 comes with some special things a regular R9 doesn't have.


Admin, could you give me a list of what accessaries exactly an aged Bloomfield 59 should come with?


I think some of you guy may have bought aged Bloomfield 59. Could anyone who has it shot a picture of all your accessaries for my reference?


Any advice will be appreciated! Thank you very much!

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