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Trying to ID a guitar from memory

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Hey all!

I'm a long time Gibson player here (30+ years) and I've recently been thinking of adding to my fleet.  I'm on the hunt for a guitar I saw in a pawn shop once and even saw it on the old Gibson website (when you could look through endless pics of all the guitars they made) but for the life of me I can't seem to track down a picture or model for it now. I'll be as descriptive as I can. It was a blond guitar, I'm 95% sure it was maple and not some other exotic hardwood. The body, neck and headstock were all maple while the hardware and decals were all black. The body design was similar to the N-225. It had a back tribal design on the body and what I had first taken for f-holes were actually painted on as part of the design. Here was what stood out to me the most the headstock was a traditional 3x3 Gibson headstock with a black logo and the spilt diamond also in black. From the one time I saw it on the old website I believe it was produced in the mid-2000s and apparently never took off.  I occasionally get on fleabay or other sites trying to track one down but to no avail. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Appreciate any help this forum can offer. Thanks! - Chris 

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 I had to search for Gibson N-225 -  jog my memory - plenty of images (they were in natural as well as red or black pinstriped)  and here is an old forum topic on it started by a forum great who no longer posts:


But someone may know the guitar you are trying to find out about.   When you say "a back tribal design on the body".....? :-k

Not the Johnny A (or another signature model) then?


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Hey jdgm!

I appreciate the attempt.

No it definitely wasn't the Johnny A model. When I say tribal design, I want to say it was similar to the red and white pinstriping design that is on the black N-225 but it was all in black on the natural maple finish. And what looked like sound holes were actually just more of the design. A very basic guitar in concept but sort of snazzy looking. Because I'm typically a dyed in the wool Les Paul guy I kinda scoffed at that guitar at the time but now I wish I had given it a test drive.    

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