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String height at first fret


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New to the forum, been checking information here for quite a while.

I'm replacing the nut on my Gibson Hummingbird Pro. I have a general knowledge of set ups and do my own but I have run into something that baffles me. I have gone thru several bone blanks making my own so have ruined a few but getting better as I go. I decided to go with a black TUSQ nut that really looks good (I think) and felt I have sanded it a little to far. If I have clearance at the first fret when fretted at the 3rd I can't see it with magnifying headset but I have 0 fret buzz hitting the open strings. The neck relief is 0.06 with action 0.90 High E and 0.08 at low e. I can shim the nut no problem and have the ability to cut slots. Should I just leave it alone and go with it? The guitar is playing good but not sure if a problem will creep up on me down the road. Thanks for any advice

Gibson Hummingbird Pro                                                                                                                      Martin D-18                                                                                                                                                 Martin D-1GT


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Welcome gern,


So, if you're looking for the distance from the fret to the string, the running ball park for acoustics is something like

0.020 E/A string

0.018 D/G string

0.016 B/E string

how does it play along the first few frets?

like a B Minor or  F/F# chord. if those are hard to get clean, then I'd 

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