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Marshall Mini-Stack that doesn't suck???


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I think it will pretty cool. A lot of people are tapping into the low watts all tube sound. I don't have time right now to look at what it cost; do you know the price?


As for the built-in digital effects - I wouldn't mind those since most of the effects you buy these days are digital any way.

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Yup' date=' buy a hybrid. Everyone loves those things. :- How is a caddy a useless power waster?? [/quote']+:-@


If I don't need 250hp then why pay for it?


To clear up the analogy...


If I don't need 100w then why pay for it?


AXE check out the site. It has a theater option with a good video. The effects seem ok but kinda just a gimmick. Tone is nice though. I'm actually more interested in the midget cabs.

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