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Flying v 2005 pickups


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Just bought my first flying v faded series from 2005. I love everything about this guitar: the looks, weight, balance, playability, how it resonates, how the neck pickup sounds BUT the bridge humbucker is killing me. The pickups look original to me so I believe it is a 500t. At volume 10 it sounds so harsh and trebly, like its out of faze or as if a wah pedal was cocked at max. When volume turned down to 8 it is somewhat more balanced but lacks the power. 

My main guitar which is Les Paul has bare knuckle abraxas and crawler combination and sounds fat and balanced. The other guitar is SG with modern paf in the bridge and sounds huge. And this V has so much potential from the wood itself yet the 500t destroys it. 

What kind of bridge pickup would you guys suggest for a V guitar? It is hard to decide as Im not familiar with its tonal capabilities yet.

I play a lot of punk-hardcore-metal genres. Now I am playing in a oldschool death metal project in the vein of Entombed. I love fat tones, but when I play faster stuff I usually roll done some volume knob and get the dynamic response I need.



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