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Which Studio is this??


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Sorry but stupid question time!


Is my Studio a VM Studio with the BB's or a Worn Cherry with 490's??


I keep getting told different things... I think its a worn Cherry with 490's








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WTF I hate this kind of thread where TOTAL NOOBS come and ask what they have bought... when you bought it, what did you ask for, BOY?



Just kidding... (hope you didnt take it seriously or spilled any beverages on your keyboard!)



Looks like a vintage mahogany...


Cheers! anim_32.gif

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Thankyou ladies! =D>


The guitar was purchased from the biggest UK seller of Gibson guitars and their not just box shifters too! they know there stuff! It was prchased last year (online) and it was advertised as a Gibson LP Studio Worn Cherry with the 490 pups...


Now with all the recent threads with respect to Studios, I have seen several references to this Studio as being the VM.. .............Gibson also do a worn Brown too!


Can anyone say for certain....



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There may also be BB Pro 1 & BB Pro 2 stickers on the underside of the pickups.

The Les Paul Studio has 490/498 pickups. The Vintage Mahogany has Burstbucker Pro 1 & 2.

You have a Vintage Mahogany' date=' newbie.[/quote']


Ok...ok... This is a really stupid question..... Yes im dumb! :-({|=


How do the pickups come out??? Just take the screws out on the rings??


And Timothy I just play the thing not sit down and take it apart.... My maintenance stretches as far as changing the strings and oiling the fret board...The rest is for the experts!



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  • 1 month later...

Hey! I have the same question.


Yesterday I received a studio worn brown, and

I like it very much. I'd like to know which

pickups are mounted in this baby.


The name "vintage mahogany" seems to be deprecated.

The Gibson site says that all studios have the 490 pickups,

but it also says that it has a carved maple top (¿?).

The online shop where I bought it also says that they are 490s...


I'm confused!

Any advance in the research?


Thanks in advance!

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First off you need to know.... When did you buy it from... =D>



When did you buy it from ?


That is the real question here.


That really is the essential question. Once that is answered, then there is nothing more to know.

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heres the deal people!


gibson recently and by recently i mean maybe last year started to release their studios with the 490's in the worn cherry and faded brown...


LES PAUL VM's were only available for purchase from GUITAR CENTER and MUSICIAN'S FRIEND...


its like a special run of them more or less...


depending on the date on the headstock (if its from 2006 lets say...its a VM...)

gibson only started to offer that finish in a studio within the last year or so...so without taking your guitar apart...thats a great place to start!


hope this helps

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the real question is what do you want it to be...a VM or a studio?


you better not say studio!

the BB Pro's in my opinion are better than the 490's but believe it or not...not everyone agrees!


i knew a kid who took out his BB Pro's to put in the 490's...then you know what? he shouldnt have bought a VM!

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it sucks really because as a VM owner...i purposely bought my guitar partially because of the finish...


i liked the raw wood!

and the BB Pro's and the Mahogany top and body!


now that they offer all studios in that configuration it cheapens my experience!



not too much though!

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I only wanted to know the model of the pickups, I like them

and the rest of the guitar :-


I've bougth it from an UK online shop this week, and it was

made in 2008, so I guess that they are 490s.


Now, the "carved maple top" mystery...

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