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What constitutes a modification?


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If the tuners have been removed, new holes drilled, and replaced and then the originals are put back on can it still be considered unmodified? I'd say no. I think that once the structural integrity has been compromised to any degree, it's no longer unmodified.


Case in point:



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Case #1: Let's say you replace the pups and keep the originals. You can still reinstall the originals, but there has been some modification to at least the solder joints and they are no longer factory original solder joints.


Case #2: Let's say you have a professional luthier install a different bridge that requires two new holes to be drilled in the body. You can reinstall the original bridge and bridge studs.


In both cases above, the guitar HAS been modified. Can it be returned to original....YES, but reinstallling the original pups is not that much of a chanage, whereas, holes drilled into the guitar body are a permanent modification. Will both devalue an instrument, yes and no. It depends on if you're a collector and wanting to hold onto the instrument in hopes of selling it as original for a higher price or just wanting a solid guitar and not to bothered with the resale later or if the instrument is all original.


There's different levels to modifications done to an instrument. Only you can assess whether or not you want an unmodified instrument or not.


With all that said, it's not too big of a deal if all that was done was replacing the tuners and new holes drilled. But, the bottom line is it HAS been modified and IMHO, devalued the guitar somewhat. It's also very dependant on if the instrument is considered vintage or not, in high demand, is a collector's item, or just a one-of-many and not a very collectible instrument.


Hope that helps.....as I'm sure there will be many folks weighing in on this one.


P.S. I haven't looked at the ebay listing yet...will go check it now.

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So I wrote the guy:


How can you say it has no modifications when there are quite obvious additional holes on the back of the headstock, most likely from alternate tuners? That's called a "modification."


He replied:


"I have no idea what the holes are from, but I know that the tuners are authentic for this model. Perhaps the original owner of the guitar had changed them at some point and then changed them back to original when he sold the guitar. I simply don't know. I had this guitar appraised by a very reputable local expert. He told me all hardware is authentic."


I replied:


"I understand but technically, in the world of guitars, that's considered a "modification" and then a reversion to original hardware. Anyway, you should probably remove that part of your description as not to mislead potential buyers.


He replied:


I appreciate your input and will consider your advise. Thank you.


Soooo, good deed for the day or should I get a life? :)

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I think he was trying to pull a fast one and got caught out. Well done you!

Modified - something was changed. I dont care if you changed it right back again. "All original" or "restored to original specs" is not the same as unmodified.

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