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Anyone out there in guitar land own a Gibson Explorer Blackout?  There is one for sale on Reverb and it looks amazing.  I have never seen one for sale anywhere and  I’m wondering if anyone else has any experience with these guitars?


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It does indeed look pretty cool.  Limited Edition or no though, I'm not paying anywhere close to $3200 for a guitar with that many dings.  It looks like the guy must have lost the case until he decided he was ready to sell it.  The Dirty Fingers pickups are sweet, though I used to have one in a Les Paul and I don't know that I would want a pickup quite that hot in the neck position.  Does look cool though.  But find a used black Explorer in better shape and put a black pickguard on it and swap the hardware for black (if it doesn't come with black) and POOF, there you go.  you could even get a brand new one and do the same!  Just what I would do, but hey, different strokes and all.

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4 hours ago, Pinch said:

A bit steep?

I’m not sure because most of the special edition Explorers are around 3 grand or more and this one doesn’t have anything to really compare it to.  
It doesn’t sound like anyone even owns one for me to pick their brain.  Are they really that rare?

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