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Firebird Reverse 2020 Tuners


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Hello! I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any guidance regarding drop in banjo replacements for some (stock) mini Grover rotomatics I’ve got in my reverse Firebird 2020 headstock. Trying to make it over with a new pick guard with the red/white/blue bird, which I’ve been having trouble with, since I don’t know if there’s a specific nickname or search term for it, as well as aforementioned drop in replacement banjo mini Grover rotomatic tuners and gold hardware. Any help would be much appreciated! 

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There are NO drop in BANJO style tuners that you can get. The banjo tuners are bigger than the Mini Grovers. 

If you want real banjos you'd have to plug your existing holes and have the headstock refinished and redrilled for the banjos.

There is another option. Stew Mac sells a REAL banjo style tuner that most likely would fit. 


They are pricey for sure. I would contact Stew Mac and see if they would work on the flat headstock of your guitar. 

Remember too, that back in day, Steve Stills used actual banjo tuners on his Firebirds.

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