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Bigsby B7 on a Les Paul


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Well I finally achieved what I'd dreamed of, having a Gibson Les Paul with a Bigsby.

The Bigsby B7 has become something of a rare thing to find these days so I was lucky to get one from a site in Germany on the recommendation of one of our good forum members. I own a 2015 Les Paul Traditional that I bought in 2017 and I know the 2015 ones were much maligned but thankfully mine is what they call the Commemorative Edition so it didn't come with the G-Force tuners, has 50s wiring, a lovely big fat 50s neck and 1959 Tribute Humbuckers which sound perfect to me. It does have the horrible Les Paul 100 squiggle on the headstock, unfortunately.

Anyway, I'd always wanted to put a Bigsby on it and this weekend just gone it happened. I was going to get a roller bridge for it but so far this thing stays in tune even with some good "wiggling".


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I have one Memphis ES Les Paul Blacktop with Bigsby, one Epi Peerless Casino with Bigsby, One Epi 50’th Anniv. 1961 RI Casino with Tremotone.. Love them all!

I recently bought a Bigsby B-7 for my new Epi USA Casino. I haven’t installed yet but I will as soon as I can get my Luthier to do it….

Congrats on your NGD & Bigsby!

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