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51? Southern Jumbo help


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Hello, new member here


Just aquired this one a while back. It is what I believe to be a 51 Southern Jumbo. FON # 8145 12 with no letter. Non tapered headstock, 19 frets. Do you agree with my dating? It has a refinish from the 60's, and it had a replacement, adjustable bridge from the same time frame when I got it. The bridge was loose, so I had it returned to the original non adjustable bridge. It had a funky pickguard on it, and since it is a refin, and accuracy was not real important to me, I added the firestripe pickguard. Just because I love them and I think it looks really good on this guitar.


Anyway could these tuners be original? I really would like to get a set of the white button tuners for it?


She plays awesome and sounds so rich and full. Makes my 94 Hummingbird sound thin!


Any advise or dating info would be appreciated.















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Well, we never say "never" when it comes to Gibson, but my guess is that non-tapered headstocks on Gibsons from would date to 1952 and later. I suppose 1951 is possible too, perhaps that is the transition year, so to speak. Certainly every one dated 1950 and earlier has been tapered, of ones I've seen. Typically, I attribute the taper to 1951 as well, this one may be an example that shows transition.


A nice-looking finish on that one, btw!



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I'm with Fred on the headstock taper. Guitars with these pre-1952 FONs have tapered headstocks. I don't mean to question you, but you are looking at the headstock from the side view to see the taper?


The tuners are not original to that era SJ. It would have had indivdual enclosed kluson machines with white buttons. I think they make a reproduction of those machines.



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Thanks for the responses. That, honestly, is exactly why I asked this question. I have never heard of an exact cut off year for the tapered headstocks. I heard the FON was stamped and then assembly took place at a later date, maybe into 52 in this case. Would that be closer to the time period for the non tapered?


Here are a couple of side shots







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