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Are you strapped?


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Hi JimmiJ,

If there is room in the case, I'll store the strap there, if possible still attached to the guitar. But most OHSC dont leave enough room. So in the gigbag it goes.

I only wear a strap standing, and at home thats rare. I sit to play at home so no strap used. 

At present I have 2 guitars on stands at home without thier straps. 



BTW some guitars with nitro finishes have been known to react to straps (and stands & hangers), especially newer Gibsons!

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I've heard the same thing about nitro finishes so I'm always careful about straps, tuners, capo's and stands. I've never had an issue but a couple used ones I bought were less fortunate when I got them. One was an expensive Super 400.

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Do you keep your straps on your guitars when their stored in their case

The straps come off when they go in the case.  Most of the cases for my guitars wont fit with the straps on.  (I use thick suede straps, all with straplocks)

and what people are saying about finish side effects is true,  nitro can be very unforgiving. 

Also, do you generally wear one at home when noodling?

Yea, usually play standing most of the time. 

In my little studio I like to roam around a bit.  I also use a wireless almost all the time.  I hate being tethered.



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