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Trying to ID year and manufacture origin


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So I got a used Steinberger Spirit GU-7 a little over ten years ago.  It's a fun guitar but I'm getting ready to get rid of it for other wants.  I was hoping someone here might be able to help with ID'ing the year and country of manufacture.  I understand the new ones are now made in Indo/China or something and have heard some quality issues, but this one has been rock solid with great fit and finish- I would like to make sure the listing identifies the difference.  Thanks in advance for any helpful answers.


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Hmmm… I've never seen a serial like this (but other serials carved into the electronics cover). I've got a similar GU (Korean made), which has the serial stamped on the back of the neck heel, just above the body. You don't have a number there?

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I haven’t pulled the neck off, was trying to avoid that.  I may try some time later.  For now I think I’ll just let it ride.  There’s only one other one out there that I see listed that is not one of the new synapse versions.  Thanks though, I appreciate the assistance.

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