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Let's spread the word! Your favorite Groups that don't get enough attention.


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I know you guys would die if i made you pick one.


so lets see some lists!


My idea behind this is that we will all learn about some different groups to listen to. Think about bands you know of that you don't think get enough attention. Spread the word about 'em! and tell us! I wanna hear some NEW MUSIC. NOT *NEW* MUSIC LIKE KATY PERRY, BUT "GOOD" MUSIC THAT YOU DON'T THINK WE'VE HEARD.

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I'll agree with you.

Having seen him and a frequent listener' date=' JB has a full head of steam.[/quote']


Dontcha mean full steam ahead? :)


Anywho i gotta agree with Bonomassa and The Answer but my number 1 most underrated band would have to be Indigenous

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