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SG Wiring Problems - Help?

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I just installed some P94 style pickups in my 2001 SG Standard and I got all new 330K pots to go with them. I got everything pretty much wired up, but I am not getting a signal when the switch is in the bridge position. Everything should be correct and all the solder joints are solid. The neck position and the middle position come through, but no bridge position. How can the middle position work, but not the bridge by itself?!

I got a pre-wired control harness to theoretically save time, but that didnt work out. I didnt like the switch it came with, so I undid that one and wired up the old original switch. A multimeter on the + and - of the volume pot show the 8.60k pickup reading. There is a metal shielded wire from the middle lug of the vol pot soldered to the top of the pot and going to the switch. I spent hours trying to figure out why there is a signal at the pot, but not the output? And why will the middle position work, but not the bridge by itself?

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I am thinking that just the neck pickup is coming through in the middle position. Maybe the pot is bad? Is there a way to test it without taking it all apart? I ran a single lead jumper from the switch to the bridge volume pot middle lug - bypassing the braided wire - and still nothing.

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1. Check the switch that the blades are making contact when in bridge position.

2. Make sure no bare wire parts are being pushed out of position and might be touching another piece of metal or other  wiring in the cavity when the cover is put back on.

3. Did you check the pick ups ohm readings before installing to make sure they are both functioning pick up?

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